Best Nuero Surgeon in India

We offer a broad spectrum of services managing and treating disorders related to the nervous system of the body including common neurological disorders like stroke/paralytic attack, parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, headache, brain infection, nerve & muscle diseases, sleep and mental disorders, multidisciplinary assessment and management of multiple sclerosis and headaches. We are committed providing comprehensive care to the patients by remaining at the forefront of the technology and integrate its exceptional medical expertise, technology, and innovation to offer the best in class treatments.

Treatments Offers

  1. Stroke management
    1. Acute Ischemic stroke (thrombolysis and mechanical thrombectomy -removal of clot from the brain which is blocking blood supply to the brain)
    2. Acute hemorrhagic stroke (ICH, SAH)
    3. Old stroke
  2. Pediatric Neurology
  3. Epilepsy Management
  4. Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders management
  5. Migraine and all other Headache
  6. Multiple sclerosis & other autoimmune disorders
  7. Pain Management
  8. Dementia Management
  9. Sleep Disorder Management
  10. Neuropsychiatry
  11. Brain infection (Meningitis)