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Neurointervention offers minimally-invasive treatment for disorders of the blood vessels in the head, neck and spine.

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Welcome to Neurocare24x7

Neurocare24x7 is an initiative for comprehensive neurocare 24×7 to assist with patient care, diagnosis, and treatment, making Neuroscience superspecialty healthcare services more accessible to public. Esteemed experts from different hospitals can provide rightful guidance and management for different neurological disorders. We provide 24×7. We also partner with certified hospitals to create a customized telehealth system that integrates with the facility’s existing processes and Telehealth care.



We offer a broad spectrum of services managing and treating disorders related to the nervous system of the body including..


It is the medicine involved with the designation and treatment of patients with injury to, or diseases/disorders of the brain..


The neurointervention (also: interventional neuroradiology, neurosurgical X-ray photography, surgical neurology)..

Neurocritical Care

Neurocritical Care may be a peer reviewed scientific publication whose major goal is to publicize new data on all aspects of acute..

Neurocritical Pain Management

Pain management in neurocritical care may be a subject usually avoided thanks to considerations over the side-effects..


Neuropsychiatric disorder may be a blanket medical term that encompasses a broad vary of medical conditions..


A neuropsychologist may be a man of science WHO makes a speciality of understanding the link between..

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Our Department of therapy and Rehabilitation helps patients to maximise their Quality of Life. Our team of Physiotherapists..


Neurological disorders ar the leading reason for world disability; but, a lot of of the planet lacks access to correct medical..

Air Ambulance

Neurocare 24×7 automobile Services caters to the emergency medical wants of patients in Asian country and overseas..

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We would strive our uttermost for you to possess a cushty and secure keep the maximum amount as doable. Accommodation..