The neurointervention (also: interventional neuroradiology, neurosurgical X-ray photography, surgical neurology) may be a specialist field of the drugs that is specialised in endovascular treatment of vascular disorders of the brain, neural structure, head and neck still as alternative peripheral vascular malformations.
The possibilities of the interventional medical aid comprise, for instance, the treatment of aneurysms (coiling-, balloon- or stent-supported methods), Carotis stenting, topical lysis, clot retrieval, intracranial stents, pre-operative embolisation of tumours, treatment of AVMs (arterio-venous malformations) and AVFs (arterio-venous fistulas) and angiographies in intervention readiness.
In recent years, a robust orientation to the minimum invasive techniques was discovered within the pathology space. The interventional strategies ar subjected perpetually to additional development so as to reply higher to the wants of the patients.
Numerous scientific studies cowl the treatment success of the assorted therapeutic prospects and type a very important bridge between the analysis and therefore the economy so as to produce the simplest doable medical aid for the patients.